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The roster platform allows you to handle all aspects of managing labor.

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Add slots to plan your org chart and crew lineup.

Quickly create an org chart with slots for each labor class and crew count you need to get the job done. Each slot allows you to add a crew member to the job and will allow them to track their time for easy invoicing.

add slots screen

send labor screen


Send labor requests to suppliers in the network.

Build your own private network of trusted restoration companies and labor suppliers by inviting them to connect. Create standard pricing agreements with your trusted partners to quickly utilize your favorite crew.


Fulfill slots with internal staff or contracted crew.

See when crew members accept the job invite and are work-ready. View crew profiles and their records on each job you’ve worked together.

fulfill slots screen

dispatch slots map


Auto dispatch slots when crew accept work.

Create as many shifts and work schedules as you need to get the job done. Crew can be automatically dispatched when they accept work to ensure everyone gets to the right place at the right time.


Crew receive slots with all of the job details.

After work is dispatched crew will instantly receive a push notification to their iOS or Android apps. Each dispatch includes all the slot details: what time their shift starts, where the job site is located, and which labor class they will be working.

mobile view of slots

tracking crew screen


Real-time crew tracking on the job.

Geo-fencing technology allows us to track which crew are mobilized and who is on the job site real-time without relying on the crew to manually check-in.


Stay on budget with burn reports for each job.

Add rates to slots to automatically generate a burn report that shows how much budget you have remaining with just a quick glance.

burn report screen

mobile time tracking screen


Daily time tracking for each crew member.

Crew members use our mobile apps (available on iOS and Android) to track the time they work each day. Time entries roll up for easy invoicing and exporting.


Each action taken on a job is tracked daily.

Every action taken by any user of the platform is tracked within the job history. Utilize these historic updates to audit who did what, when.

tracked actions screen

reputation stats screen


Jobs build reputation—for you and your crew.

Using roster to track your jobs gives you more than just data—it gives you the ability to back up your word with clients and consultants.


Complete job history saved forever.

Every job tracked with roster creates a digital paper trail for the job, giving you the data to get paid quickly. View your completed jobs to see who was on the job and when they worked—all backed by our reputation metrics.

job history screen

Whatʼs different about roster.

More than a network, roster is a platform that allows you to handle all aspects of tracking labor and creates the source-of-truth for everyone involved.